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On Friday, March 4th, the Sisters of Immaculate Conception Abbey in Ukraine had to flee the monastery in Zhytomyr due to Russian attacks in the area.

They arrived safely in Lviv and are now at the monastery with the rest of their Benedictine sisters and brothers. They are about 30 miles from the border of Poland. They continue to receive and shelter migrants fleeing from Kiev, Mariupol and other destroyed cities. The number of migrants increases daily. They are sheltering over 150 people using every space in the monastery; over 50 are children, including at least one newborn. The guests, along with the sisters, assist in cooking and cleaning.

A message from Mother Abbess Klara: "We sisters are very happy that we can help and serve the refugees .. and bring them joy .. after the horror of the war they went through here it seems to them that they are in paradise .. we try to provide them with everything they need .. we are not doing anything extraordinary .. we are doing what each of us would do .. we are glad that we are all here together…"

Thank you for your prayers!


Special news

  • Foundation project

    The Mother Abbess and the community of the Abbey Sainte Marie de Boulaur, the Abbot and the community of the Abbey of Notre-Dame des Neiges, are happy to share with you good news during this Easter season.

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  • Bulletin of AIM

    Bulletin of AIM no. 122: Dwelling in the ‘common House’.

  • Good New

    The three Benedictine sisters from the monastery of Idah (Nigeria), kidnapped a week ago by a Fulani terrorist group, have just been released!

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  • Idah (Nigeria)

    Three of the Benedictine Nuns of Presentation Monastery at Idah were kidnapped by these muslim extremist/gun men.

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OSB News


On May 21, 2022, the Benedictine community of Encontro (Mandirituba, Brazil) elected Sister Maria Terezinha Bezerra Santos as prioress.

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With the northern region of Benin becoming increasingly unsafe due to repeated jihadist attacks, the Benedictine community of Our Lady of the Listening, in Pèporiyakou, has been forced to move.

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Douai Abbey

This morning the monastic chapter elected Fr Paul Gunter OSB as the eleventh abbot of Douai. He succeeds Abbot Geoffrey who has retired after three full terms in office, ie 24 years. Website

OCSO news

Bernardine sisters of Esquermes

The Order is congratulating Sister Elisabeth Mary Mann who is elected Prioress General of the Congregation of the Bernardine sisters of Esquermes on 18th May 2022 for a six-year term.

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Mount Saint Bernard

On 19 May 2022, Dom Brendan Freeman, Superior ad nutum of New Melleray (USA) and Father Immediate of Mount Saint Bernard, appointed Father Peter Claver Caddy as Superior ad nutum of Mount Saint Bernard (Diocese of Nottingham, England).

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On May 02, 2022, Sister Maria Pascal Yamagashira made solemn profession at the monastery of Tenshien (Japan).

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OCIST news

Course of monastic formation

We inform you that registration is open for the triennial course of monastic formation, which will take place at the General House (Rome), from August 29 to September 24, 2022 (arrival on August 28, departure on September 25).

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On March 24, 2022, the election of a new abbess was held at the Abbey of Santo Domingo el Antiguo, in Toledo, because Mother M. Pilar Garcia Argudo Lopez resigned after 42 years of service and having exceeded the age limit.

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