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On 21 Oct 2021, the General Chapter of the Slav Benedictine Congregation took place in the Archabbey of Brevnov in Prague.


he main topic this time was the question of whether the congregation, which was established after World War II, still has its right to exist today or whether other ways should be sought.

It was helpful to look at the first statutes of the congregation, which had been forgotten. At that time, intensive thought was given to the justification of the existence of a separate congregation. It came to light that the cultivation of the relationship with the Eastern Churches through the celebration of the liturgy in other rites was expressly declared desirable, since especially the history of Emauzy can point to a long tradition in this regard. This is a dimension that is hardly taken into account today. The importance of a monastic congregation as an association of several monasteries under its own leadership was also emphasized in a presentation. Reference was also made to the “Cor Orans” document. Today, this document obliges women’s monasteries to unite in a congregation. This is even more true for men’s monasteries, which is why tendencies to break away from the congregation were viewed very critically.

When it came to the election of a new president, it became evident that the Slav Congregation has the will to survive. Thus, a young experienced monk was elected as the new president. In the person of the Prior of Cokovac Priory in Croatia, Fr. Jeronim Marin, someone was found who also knows the situation of the Benedictine Sisters in Croatia well and can help them on their way to forming a congregation of their own.

The outgoing Abbot President, Fr. Edmund Wagenhofer, Prior of Maribor Priory in Slovenia, was thanked for his 25 years of commitment to the monastic orders in the former Eastern Bloc countries. The Ostfonds, which he established, was a great help for a new start of many monasteries in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia. As Prior of Maribor he intends to continue his activity for a little while longer.


Special news

OSB News


On Sunday, 17 October 2021, the Electoral Chapter of the Beuronese Benedictine Congregation elected the Beuronese monk Fr. Dr. Franziskus Berzdorf OSB as successor to the outgoing Abbot President Fr. Dr. Albert Schmidt OSB, of Beuron Archabbey, who has been president since 2008.

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New President of the Slav Benedictine Congregation

On 21 Oct 2021, the General Chapter of the Slav Benedictine Congregation took place in the Archabbey of Brevnov in Prague.

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Federation of St Scholastica 100th Anniversary

The Federation of St. Scholastica will celebrate 100 years in 2022. As a means of sharing Benedictine life as a vision unfolding, the Federation is offering a multi-featured website to share our life and values. https://scholastica-celebration.org/

OCSO news


On January 09, 2022, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Sister Henrica Novilaya Lumban Gaol made solemn profession at the monastery of Gedono (Indonesia).

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El Encuento

Mother María Esther Mares Silva, Abbess of El Encuentro (Diocese of Morelia, Mexico), for reasons of health gave her resignation from the office of Abbess to the Abbot General (Cst 40). The Abbot General with the consent of his Council accepted the resignation.

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New Melleray (USA)

On 1st December 2021, Dom Peter McCarthy, Abbot of Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey (Diocese of Portland in Oregon, USA) and Delegated Father Immediate of New Melleray, appointed Dom Brendan Freeman as Superior ad nutum of New Melleray (Archdiocese of Dubuque).

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OCIST news

Christmas Letter 2021


OCIST Website


On 13 November 2021, the abbatial election was held in Mogila Abbey (Poland), presided over by the Abbot President of the Polish congregation, Fr. Eugeniusz Augustin.

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