Project 3149 - The Renovation of a small House for Guests

Benedictine monks of Iwuru (Nigeria)


Iwuru CalabarAt the insistance of the bishop, a friend of the community, the monks of Ewu-Ishan took over a little foundation in the extreme East of the country. This foundation was the project of a diocesan priest who had made his noviciate at Ewu-Ishan, but the foundation did not succeed in developing.

Five monks of Ewu-Ishan were sent to Iwuru, which in 2018 became a cell of the monastery. In 2020 there are already four novices and four aspirants.

The foundation of Iwuru owns 400 acres of agricultural land with a large complement of palm tees, plantains, bananas and cocoa. The brothers have begun production of palm-oil and a small piggery.


In the property there were already two small houses intended for guests, one with five rooms, the other with four. A large amount of renovation is needed to improve the rooms and the sanitation, which would need financial help.

Requested amount: €6,940

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