BENIN - Monastery of Kokoubou, OCSO

Project 3345 - Community Studium

KokoubouThe monastery was founded in 1972 by the Cistercian abbey of Bellefontaine (France) at the call of Bishop Bernardin Gantin, then auxiliary bishop of Cotonou. In 2014, the community elected its first Beninese prior. The community has about twenty brothers, including five temporarily professed and one novice.

The community makes cottage cheese that is sold in several shops, as far away as Cotonou; they make jam and raise poultry. For some years now, they have invested in the phytotherapy sector by producing their own products (moringa powder, vernonia, karate bark, propolis ointment).

At present six students from the community participate in the community's studium where courses in philosophy, methodology, theology, liturgy, lectio divina, classical languages are taught. Financial support would be needed to cover the fees of the teachers and the cost of the computers that the students need.


Requested amount: €7,810

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