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Project 3357 - Social project for disadvantaged youth

Benedictine Community of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil)


CommunauteThe monastery was founded in 1977 by the Benedictine community of Belo Horizonte (Brazil). It was erected as an abbey in 1997. In 2014, the community consisted of twenty-two sisters, including two temporarily professed sisters and two novices.

The sisters make liturgical vestments, embroidery, jams, incense.

Located on the outskirts of the city, the sisters are active among the poor. The majority of families in the neighbourhood are single parents; violence is present between rival youth gangs. The sisters have created a weaving course for the women of the neighbourhood who have no work. They created a social centre with a crèche for up to 200 children, and projects for teenagers such as a dance school with 230 students.



IMG 2697The Dance School brings together young girls aged 7 to 25, all of whom are duly enrolled in the public school system. They come from low-income families, marked by unemployment, and exposed to all kinds of violence and social exclusion (drugs, early pregnancies, marginality...). The aim is to enable them to be better included in society through the demanding techniques of classical ballet. The benefits are visible on many levels: discipline, concentration, emotional balance, self-esteem, self-confidence, joy and happiness for the families, better school results, better family relations, better physical health. For the 15th anniversary of Ballet Arte, the School will present the ballet Cinderella.

In addition, the creation of a Master Class, supported by the Royal Academy of Dance, will enable seventeen young girls to dance professionally. The Royal Academy of Dance is a UK-based examination board specialising in the teaching and training of dance, particularly classical ballet, and is internationally recognised. It is a charity that enables young people from all over the world, through its many partnerships, to reach a professional level. It is active in eighty countries, including Brazil. The Brazilian representative of this association has already visited the School of Dance to help set up the Master Class.

This daily commitment to young people requires significant financial needs. A Brazilian NGO supports the School financially, but it is not enough to cover all the costs.

Requested amount: € 20,000

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