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Chapter I. Of the Kinds or the Life of Monks
Chapter II. What Kind of Man the Abbot Ought to Be
Chapter III. Of Calling the Brethren for Counsel
Chapter IV. The Instruments of Good Works
Chapter V. Of Obedience
Chapter VI. Of Silence
Chapter VII. Of Humility
Chapter VIII. Of the Divine Office during the Night
Chapter IX. How Many Psalms Are to Be Said at the Night Office
Chapter X. How the Office Is to Be Said during the Summer Season
Chapter XI. How the Night Office Is to Be Said on Sundays
Chapter XII. How Lauds Are to Be Said
Chapter XIII. How Lauds Are to Be Said on Week Days
Chapter XIV. How the Night Office Is to Be Said on the Feasts of the Saints
Chapter XV. At What Times the Alleluia Is to Be Said
Chapter XVI. How the Work of God Is to Be Performed during the Day
Chapter XVII. How Many Psalms Are to Be Sung at These Hours
Chapter XVIII. In What Order the Psalms Are to Be Said
Chapter XIX. Of the Manner of Reciting the Psalter
Chapter XX. Of Reverence at Prayer
Chapter XXI. Of the Deans of the Monastery
Chapter XXII. How the Monks Are to Sleep
Chapter XXIII. Of Excommunication for Faults
Chapter XXIV. What the Manner of Excommunication Should Be Chapter XXV. Of Graver Faults
Chapter XXVI. Of Those Who without the Command of the Abbot Associate with the Excommunicated
Chapter XXVII. How Concerned the Abbot Should Be about the Excommunicated
Chapter XXVIII. Of Those Who Having Often Been Corrected Do Not Amend
Chapter XXIX. Whether Brethren Who Leave the Monastery Ought to Be Received Again
Chapter XXX. How Young Boys Are to Be Corrected
Chapter XXXI. The Kind of Man the Cellarer of the Monastery Ought to Be
Chapter XXXII. Of the Tools and Goods of the Monastery
Chapter XXXIII. Whether Monks Ought to Have Anything of Their Own
Chapter XXXIV. Whether All Should Receive in Equal Measure What Is Necessary
Chapter XXXV. Of the Weekly Servers in the Kitchen
Chapter XXXVI. Of the Sick Brethren
Chapter XXXVII. Of the Aged and Children
Chapter XXXVIII. Of the Weekly Reader
Chapter XXXIX. Of the Quantity of Food
Chapter XL. Of the Quantity of Drink
Chapter XLI. At What Times the Brethren Should Take Their Refection
Chapter XLII. That No One Speak after Complin
Chapter XLIII. Of Those Who Are Tardy in Coming to the Work of God or to Table
Chapter XLIV. Of Those Who Are Excommunicated—How They Make Satisfaction
Chapter XLV. Of Those Who Commit a Fault in the Oratory
Chapter XLVI. Of Those Who Fail in Any Other Matters
Chapter XLVII. Of Giving the Signal for the Time of the Work of God
Chapter XLVIII. Of the Daily Work
Chapter XLIX. On the Keeping of Lent
Chapter L. Of Brethren Who Work a Long Distance from the Oratory or Are on a Journey
Chapter LI. Of the Brethren Who Do Not Go Very Far Away
Chapter LII. Of the Oratory of the Monastery
Chapter LIII. Of the Reception of Guests
Chapter LIV. Whether a Monk Should Receive Letters or Anything Else
Chapter LV. Of the Clothing and the Footgear of the Brethren
Chapter LVI. Of the Abbot's Table
Chapter LVII. Of the Artists of the Monastery
Chapter LVIII. Of the Manner of Admitting Brethren
Chapter LIX. Of the Children of the Noble and of the Poor Who Are Offered
Chapter LX. Of Priests Who May Wish to Live in the Monastery
Chapter LXI. How Stranger Monks Are to Be Received
Chapter LXII. Of the Priests of the Monastery
Chapter LXIII. Of the Order in the Monastery
Chapter LXIV. Of the Election of the Abbot
Chapter LXV. Of the Prior of the Monastery
Chapter LXVI. Of the Porter of the Monastery
Chapter LXVII. Of the Brethren Who Are Sent on a Journey
Chapter LXVIII. If a Brother Is Commanded to Do Impossible Things
Chapter LXIX. That in the Monastery No One Presume to Defend Another
Chapter LXX. That No One Presume to Strike Another
Chapter LXXI. That the Brethren Be Obedient to One Another
Chapter LXXII. Of the Virtuous Zeal Which the Monks Ought to Have
Chapter LXXIII. Of This, that Not the Whole Observance of Righteousness Is Laid Down in this Rule