The Bulletin contains 43 years’ experience of monastic life and is an exceptional treasure trove of dialogue, formation and reflection common to the Church and society.

These last ten years the layout and the style have been renewed. The Bulletin really has become a link between monasteries.


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Leading articles on important aspects of monastic life :

Principal Themes

• The Rule of St Benedict and contemporary society
• Lectio divina
• Liturgy
• Inculturation
• Responsability in the monastic life
• Benedictine education
• Creation and sustainable development
• Monastic Interreligious Dialogue
• The Art of government
• Lay people and monks : towards a new partnership
• Young people and monks in search of values
• The Psalms, our prayer

The latest news

• New foundations
• Regional, national and international monastic meetings
• The Acts of the Congress of Benedictine Abbots
• General Chapters of the Cistercians
• Symposium of Benedictine Women (CIB)
• Formation courses and tools
• News from around the monasteries
• Travels by members of the AIM


 • Biannual in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese; extracts in Italian and Dutch.
• The international editorship board meets once a year and is always looking for new material and authors.


 • Indexes of the Bulletins from 1965 to 1997 (numbers 1 to 63) were publishedin a special edition in 1999.