The Benedictus Foundation

Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB
President of AIM


The Friends of Monasteries Around the World (AMTM) and the AIM (Alliance inter-Monastères) have set up together the Foundation Benedictus under the aegis of the foundation Caritas France. The Foundation has an objective of general interest with a non-lucrative purpose in conformity with the Foundation Caritas France. Its mission is to bring moral and financial help to support activities of development of social, cultural, economic and environmental fields, serving the promotion and the dignity of depressed populations linked to monastic foundations all over the world, living under the Rule of St Benedict outside Western Europe and North America.

Why was Benedictus formed?

To allow in all administrative security the increase of gifts with the possibility of monetary receipts of deductible gifts of IFI (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière), to receive legacies, to approach new donors and new friends of the monasteries.

Links to AIM and AMTM

This protected Foundation complements the work of the AIM which receives directly financial help on the part of monasteries and organisations both varied and particular in order to support all the projects which do not enter into the realm of the Foundation Benedictus: formation, construction and renovation of specifically religious buildings, money-earning activities of monasteries. The association of AMTM will work on awareness of support for monastic life in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Eastern Europe.

Thank you for your loyalty! Please do not hesitate to bring your support in whatever way is best adapted to your possibilities, and be sure of our prayers and our fraternity.

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