The Secretariat of AIM

Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB
President of the AIM


Sister Mary Placid Dolores has just returned to her own country, where she has been elected President of her new Congregation. She has served AIM with great conscientiousness and perfect fidelity for fifteen years. Everyone remembers her comforting smile and a steadiness of temperament rarely equalled. Always attentive to the needs of each individual, she was careful to ensure that no one lacked anything. She followed through each file of requests for aid from the monasteries and took the part of the smallest and weakest. She is short in stature but great in heart. We regret her departure but hope that there will be opportunities for us to meet again and even collaborate afresh, especially in the Philippines.

Because of her departure and after profound reflection we have decided to reduce the amount of space rented in the building of the Benedictine sisters at Vanves. The offices of AIM and AMTM are now joined together in one place at the entrance to the monastery, where the rooms and centre of life for the AIM are located. This re-arrangement has been most successful and fully satisfactory. It will enable us to achieve some saving, to the benefit of monasteries which apply to us.