Trappist Monks and Nuns
in the 21st Century

General Chapter 2017


Contents 114, 2018


Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM


Lectio Divina
Dom Christian Morisette, OSB, (Saint-Benoît du Lac, Quebec)


• Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, Abbot General

• Dom Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, OCist, Abbot General


• A Vision of the Order for the Twenty-First Century
Dom Erik Varden, OCSO (Mount St Bernard)

• A Vision of the Order OCSO in the Twenty-First Century
Mother Mariel Jeres Pereira, OCSO (Quilvo)

• A Vision of the Order OCSO for the Twenty-First Century
Sister Catharine Mazzarelli (Macao)


Letter of St Bernard


Opening on the World
The Association Ahimsa Fund


Work and economy
Contemplation and the Contribution to Social Problems made by the Monasteries of West Africa
Dr Katherine Langewische


The Liturgy in the Monastery of Kurisumala
Dom Armand Veilleux, OCSO


Art and culture
The Monastery of Boa Vista
The Trappist Nuns of Boa Vista (Brazil)

Presentation of an icon
The Icon of the Encounter, Monastery of Encontro (Brazil)


A page of History
The Benedictine Sisters of Kaunas (Lithuania)


Monks and Nuns, witnesses for our time
Mother Marie-Hildegard Sutto, OSB
The Benedictines of Citerna

Abuna Matta el-Maskine
Brother Guido Dotti, Bose


• A Journey to Brazil
Dom J.-P. Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM

• A Journey in West Africa
Sister Christine Conrath, Secretary of the AIM

• The Congress of Benedictine Oblates in Rome
Cécile-Mariam and Martine Loisel, oblates

• News of the CIB
Sister Judith Ann Heble, OSB

• News of a Foundation in Egypt

• News of the DIMMID
Dom William Skudlarek, OSB