On the subject of the Bulletin of the AIM

We are glad to announce to our readers that, apart from the German edition which has just seen the light of day under the responsibility of Dom Cyril Schäfer, of the Editions of Sankt Ottilien, there will soon be an Italian edition, in the form of a supplement to the periodical La Scala, of the Abbey of Noci, just as it existed earlier. It was decided that the Bulletin of the AIM, which is published every six months, should be published in the four annual editions of La Scala, at about 20 pages in each issue. The articles to be published will be under the care of Br Andrew Serafino, Rhemes Notre-Dame, Val d’Aoste, with a team of translators, in order to make the AIM known to several monasteries of both monks and nuns. The pages of the Bulletin will be inserted in the middle of the periodical in such a way that they are easily detachable. The first issue of the Bulletin in the Italian version will be published with the first issue of La Scala in 2017.