Monastries and Management

June 2016



Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM


• Work according to the Rule of St Benedict

Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM

• The management of monasteries in Africa, some priorities

Dom Ezéchiel Agaté, OSB, Abbey of Agbang (Togo)

• Charitable status should not mask incompetence in the administration of monasteries

Dom Peter Eghwrudjakpor, OSB, Prior of the monastery of Ewu-Ishan (Nigeria)

• The management of the monastery of Manila

Sister Adelaide Ygrubay, OSB, Priory of the community of Manila (Philippines)

• Short presentation of the business of the Abbey of Chantelle

Mother Pascale Barreau, OSB, Abbess of the Abbey of Chantelle (France)

Opening on the world

• Monasteries and Management

Professors Günter Müller-Stewens, Markus Muff, Thomas S. Eberle


• Ananias 2015

Sister Daniela D. Romero, OSB, Priory of Manila (Philippines)

• Programme of English-language Formators 2015

Dom James Cutts, OSB (Worth, UK), and Sister Elizabeth Nakimbugwe, OCSO, Butende (Uganda)

• Formation at the Abbey of St John’s, Collegeville (USA)

Dom Michaël Patella, OSB, Abbey of Collegeville

• The Institute for Integrated Human Formation at Montreal (IFHIM)
Mother Isabelle Valez, OCSO (Igny, France), and Dom Pierre-Marie, OCist (Rougemont, Quebec)

• The International Conference of Benedictine Women (CIB)

Record of Sister Judith-Ann Heble, President of the CIB

• Visits to monasteries in the USA

Dom Jean-Pierre Longeat, OSB, President of the AIM

• Information on the Studium of John XXIII (Vanves, France)

Book reviews