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On the last day of the year, the community of Phuoc Thien celebrated solemnly and professed vows for its five nuns.


Abbot John Nguyen, OCist., the abbot president of the Holy Family Congregation presided the mass. There were a large number of nuns and monks from the Congregation who attended the mass to pray for these “wise brides” of Christ.

In the address to these five nuns who were making their vows, the abbot has emphasized on the word “YES” that the Virgin Mary had replied to the angels, by her reply has saved all the world who believed. When Mary did it, she has come over the fear. Having said YES to God and to this own community, these nuns have their own power to pray for the Church and the whole world in their vocation. Today, we are living in the Church that “communion, participate, and mission,” these nuns in their own convent are partaking in their mission to the Church and the whole world by increasingly praying and the cloister live.

The monastery of Phuoc Thien is a young community, almost all of its members are young. In total, they are 43 members.


Special news

OSB News


The Community of Biskupow (Poland), after a four-year term as Prior of Fr Marcin Gromadecki, elected on 17 December a new Prior, who became Fr Slawomir Badyna. His mandate is for eight years. http://www.annuntiatio.org/


On Sunday 18 December 2022, Dom Mauro Maccarinelli (Melegnano, 1964), former monk of the Abbey of Praglia, was elected new abbot of Santa Maria del Monte (Cesena), where he had been prior since January 2020. https://www.benedettinisublacensicassinesi.org/

A short letter from Ukraine

There are far fewer people living in our monastery now than in the first months of the war.

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OCSO news

News from Mokoto

The community of Mokoto (R.D. Congo) and the neighbouring population are recently affected by the bombs since hostilities have resumed between the government and the M23 rebels.

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Mother Cecilia Aoki, Abbess of N.-D. des Anges, Tenshien (Diocese of Sapporo, Japan) since 2000, having reached the age of retirement mentioned in ST 40.A of the Constitutions, presented her resignation to the Abbot General. With the consent of his Council, the Abbot General accepted the resignation.

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January 25, 2023: the Community of Mont des Cats (Archdiocese of Lille, France) elected as Abbot for an indefinite term Dom Bernard-Marie van Caloen.

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On January 20, 2023, Dom Daniel Van Santvoort, completed his fourth term of six years as Abbot of Caldey (Diocese of Menevia, Great Britain).

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OCIST news

Phuoc Thien (Vietnam)

On the last day of the year, the community of Phuoc Thien celebrated solemnly and professed vows for its five nuns.

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Christmas 2022

Letter of the Abbot General OCist for Christmas 2022. OCIST

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