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8-11 June 2021
Sant’Anselmo, Rome (both online and in presence)

 The Monastic Institute of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo in Rome organizes an International Symposium every four years, dedicated to different themes related to monasticism. After discussing the themes of culture and of economy, this time we propose focusing on education and formation which are the themes partially connected to the previous ones. However, above all, the problems of education are currently very relevant, for various reasons, both in the modern world and in the Church, which dedicated the last Synod of Bishops to youth, and was crowned with the post-synodal exhortation Christus vivit.


Special news

OSB News




After the sad and sudden loss through illness of the late Abbot Placidus of Ndanda Abbey on 2nd of March 2021, the chapter of the Abbey convened and to elect its new abbot on 25th of March 2021.

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Letter from Abbot Primate Gregory


OCSO news

Central Commission 2021

Despite the uncertainty of the world health situation and various uncontrollable variants, the Abbot General and his Council established the dates for the Central Commission. It is all contingent on developments during the next several months.

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Volcanic Eruption – Goma, DRC

“The Bernardines of Esquermes of the Monastère Notre Dame du Lac in the city of Goma were not directly touched by lava streams of the volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo during the night of 22nd to 23rd May. However, since this first eruption, there have been continual aftershocks, some of them very violent.

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On May 22, 2021, Sister Maria Lucia Uchimura Kayoko made solemn profession at the monastery of Imari (Japan).

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OCIST news


On 12 June 2021, the Abbot of Szczyrzyc Abbey (Poland), Domenico Chucher, having completed his term of office, the community elected Father Szymon Warciak as the new Abbot.

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Pentecost Letter the Abbot General


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