Pan-African Association

Project 6731 - Preparation of a meeting of African superiors


At the Benedictine Abbots' Congress held in Saint-Anselme in September 2016, AIM presented its activities in support of the communities. It was found that in almost all geographical regions, community superiors met regularly to share and exchange ideas. As African superiors do not yet have the opportunity to meet beyond the groups organized by region, they met during the Abbots' Congress to reflect on this possibility and created the Pan-African Benedictine Association (ABPA/ABE: Pan African Benedictine Encounter). A small three-member committee was set up to help organize this meeting. The commission includes Father Romain Botta (Agbang, Togo), Father Prior John Paul Mwaniki (Inkamana, South Africa) and Mother Abbess Espérance Sarr (Keur Guilaye, Senegal).

A preparatory commission is being convened for January 2020 at the monastery of Nairobi (Kenya) in order to consider the meeting of French and English-speaking superiors in 2021. This Commission includes representatives of the various regional meetings (BECOSA, BUT, BECIAKU, BECAN) as well as an AIM delegate. Financial assistance would be appreciated to cover the travel expenses of the various participants.


Requested amount: 3,500 euros

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