Construction of a new monastery

New Benedictine foundation in Angola


LuandaGeographic location

Luanda is the capital of Angola in Southern Africa. The city is located in the north-west of the country on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys a dry tropical climate. Luanda is the main economic centre of the country and concentrates the tertiary and industrial activities. Since 2002, thanks to the renewed civil peace and oil money extracted from offshore deposits located not far from the capital, it is experiencing particularly significant growth in construction. The port exports the main productions of the country: crude oil and its refined derivatives on the outskirts of the city, iron ore, coffee and fishery products. The transport infrastructure, damaged by the civil war, is under reconstruction.

Lubango is a town in southern Angola and the capital of the province of Huila. A highly fertile agricultural region, its economy is based on agriculture, the production of meat, cereals, tobacco, fruit and vegetables.



Sr. Lourdes Ecuva, of Angolan nationality, is a religious professor of the Benedictine monastery of San Pelayo, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She entered and remained twenty-four years in this community. After a long discernment on her part and of her community, she left for Angola in 2011 with the project to begin the Benedictine monastic life there.

For lack of vocations, the community of Santiago could not take care of this foundation and sought the help of the Holy Scholastic Abbey of Umuoji (Nigeria). Seven Nigerian sisters agreed to go and found the Community with Sister Lourdes, the present prioress of this community, called Santa Maria do Camiño.

FondatricesIn May 2012, the sisters temporarily settled in a house provided by the bishop in Caxito near Luanda. Since then, they have acquired land in the diocese of Lubango.



Eight sisters by profession: seven Nigerians and one Angolan.



The current house is located in a very noisy neighborhood, and it is too small to accommodate new vocations or to open a guesthouse.

Plan2Unable to find suitable land to build a new monastery in this diocese of Caxito, the sisters decided to transplant themselves to the Archdiocese of Lubango, where suitable land was proposed to them. However, the sisters do not have the economic resources to construct the buildings.

The Sisters asked for help from several organizations, including the Spanish Bishops' Conference, which is ready to support this project with its funds for the new evangelization. The first phase of construction has not yet begun.

The total cost is estimated at € 115,000.

Desired amount: 36 400 euros.

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