Brazil - Caxambu Abbey

Project 6680 - Rehabilitation of the monastery roof


vuedavion2019Seven sisters of Belo Horizonte Abbey left to found in 1973. Until 1975, they occupied a farm that had been loaned to them. They then embarked on a bold project to build a monastery in a place where there is no road, water or electricity. The water problem lasted until a benefactor offered a mine on his land and an electric pump to collect the water.

By 2014, the community included thirteen definitively committed nuns, one novice and one Oblate in formation.

The community has several crafts: elaboration of cards, diplomas, liturgical vestments. She also makes honey bread and bricelets (a kind of waffle).

reparationtoit2019The roof of the monastery has deteriorated significantly in recent years. It was manufactured more than seventy years ago with integrated gutters and asbestos tiles. These kinds of tiles increase the cold in winter and the heat in summer, asbestos has also since proven its harmfulness. The integrated gutters require regular maintenance by a competent person that the sisters cannot always find. Birds nest on this pavement and strip the electrical wires, causing short circuits. In 2017, it was decided to start the complete renovation of the roof. Financial assistance would be required to rebuild the last remaining roof and the underlying electrical installation.


Requested amount: 15,000 euros

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