Ivory coast - Monastery of Our Lady of Bouake (osb)

Project 3118 - Formation of three brothers at the Catholic University of West Africa

cteBouakeThe monastery of Bouake was founded by Benedictine monks of the monastery of Touliline (Morocco) in 1959, which in its turn had been founded by the Abbey of En-Calcat (France). It became a Priory on 7th February, 1975.

Located near the town of Bouake (one million five hundred thousand inhabitants), the second town of the Ivory Coast and the seat of a university, the monastery has links with both the city and the rural neighbourhood. The economy of the monastery relies on a farm of laying hens and some secondary activities. Its influence comes most of all from its guesthouse, which welcomes priests, religious, layfolk, young and old, for retreats and days of recollection.

Three brothers are studying theology at the Catholic University of West Africa. They are now in their third year and are aiming for a Baccalaureate in Theology.

Requested amount: €8,920

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