Chad - Benedictines of Sainte-Agathe

Project 6714 - Construction of a field fence


eglise vueRefThe monastery of Sainte-Agathe was founded in 2004 by the Congolese Benedictines of Lubumbashi, DRC (Queen of the Apostles Congregation) at the request of the Chadian Bishops' Conference. It is the first foundation of a monastic community in this country. They first benefited from a house belonging to the diocese 20 km from Moundou, then a monastery was built in the village of Lolo on land donated to the Bishop by the village's Muslim chief.

This village has some 6000 inhabitants, practically on the fringes of modernity: there is no drinking water, no complete school, no health centre, no big business. The population has no other alternative than to buy their supplies in Moundou, the country's second largest industrial city located 30 km from the village.

champ devasteThe sisters cultivated sesame, groundnuts, millet, yams and started growing cotton (one sister had studied agronomy). The sisters founded a small school where they taught for a long time. Today, there are external teachers.

Beef herds that are used to coming down from the North after the harvest are causing more and more damage to the sisters' crops: they are coming down earlier because of the drought that has worsened in recent years when the crops are not yet harvested. It is imperative for the sisters to build a stronger fence to protect the plantations.


Requestd amount: 15,000 euros

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