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Project 3144 - Acquisition of material for the guesthouse

Monastery of the Mother of God (Goiânia - Brazil)



GoianiaThe monastery of Mãe de Deus was founded in 1979 at Santa Rose (RS). The monastery was incorporated into the Brazilian Congregation in 1989.

The community was obliged to move three times in ten years, to settle finally at Goiania in July 2018.

The community consists of six sisters in solemn vows, one sister in temporary vows and two postulants.

Activities: The sisters make and sell biscuits and jam. They have also a guesthouse which receives individuals and groups.



To respond to the requirements of groups, the community has begun to enlarge and renew the guesthouse : a conference room, kitchen and sanitary arrangements. To do this it has been helped by a friendly family and by a Brazilian association.

The sisters need financial help to acquire material, a dish-washer, cushions, microphones, projector, screen, air-conditioning, bedding and storage material.


Requested amount: €12,480

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Garage soon transformed into bedrooms.


Room for the future kitchen.