Nigeria - Benedictines of Ewu-Ishan

Project 6698 - Acquisition of bakery machinery

ewu esan 3The monastery of Ewu was founded by Glenstal Abbey (Ireland) in 1979. It is part of the Benedictine Congregation of the Annunciation and is located in west-central Nigeria. The community includes fifty brothers. It is in full expansion and has opened a house with five brothers permanently committed and four postulants.

The brothers farm and raise livestock, make candles and jam. The brothers sell their bread production - which has a very nutritious and natural composition - and have a medical centre that produces medicinal plants. This production has so far been the community's primary means of subsistence.

bakeryBecause of the increase in the community, the brothers are considering developing the bakery and pigsty in order to increase their economic resources. Currently, there are many aspirants to monastic life but they cannot be welcomed due to the lack of financial resources in the community.

The first objective is the acquisition of machines to develop the bakery activity, because the bread made by the monks is appreciated and its production can be increased.

Requested amount: 10,000 euros

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