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Project 3069 - Purchase of a Sewing Machine

Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity (Uganda)



cte14The monastery of the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Trinity was founded in 1960 by the first Bishop of Arua, Mgr Angelo Tarantino, and Mother Anastasia Fumagalli. It is a community of nuns whose principal activities are prayer and the work necessary to support their own needs.

The community consists of nineteen solemnly professed and six young sisters in formation.


Baking, making liturgical vestments, candles, altar-breads for the whole diocese of Arua and other dioceses. The sisters also cultivate a small piece of land.



The sisters receive orders for liturgical vestments for their own diocese but also from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, countries in course of development. At present the sisters do everything by hand, which requires a lot of time. In order to improve their operation and the use of this labour they envisage buying a sewing-machine controlled by a computer, with four heads, each with twelve threads. The sisters will finance the purchase of the computer which directs this machine. They will also pay the fees of a instructor who will school them in the use of this highly technical machine.


Requested amount: €17,000

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