Formator Regional Meeting Oriens 2015
Rawaseneng, Indonesia

Father Vianney of Oita and Sister Rosanna of Matutum secretaries of the formation for the Japanese
and for the English speaking Sub Region


1. The friendly hospitality of our brothers of Rawaseneng was excellent and we enjoyed it with gratitude. We were able to admire the beauty and the comfort of the new Guest House while appreciating the sobriety of the life of the monks.

We enjoy the day of outing with the community of Rawaseneng, as also the farewell with performances of local dances made by some young orphan children.

2. The atmosphere of the meeting was friendly and peaceful and we were very grateful to Father Michael Casey for sharing with us in his conferences the fruit of his lectio and deep reflection on our monastic life. The 15 conferences were very rich, deep and full of monastic wisdom which we need to internalize, share with our communities and apply in our service of formators.

Father Michael gave us some reflections on the topics that he was developing during the Meeting. These reflections were also the subject of our group’s discussion and they gave us a chance to share our experiences as formators. We had also Plenary Assembly in which we had an exchange on the reports of our two group’s discussion.

Some of the participants were new or newly appointed and some of them in this moment don’t have vocations. There was a strong desire to know each other and to share about our work of formation.

3. The last day we had the Autocritique in which we express our impressions on the present meeting and our wishes for the next meeting. The time was very limited, and often the interventions were not so focused also because many formators were new.

The common experience of the meeting was generally good. Points underlined:

• To have the text of the conferences beforehand.
• To Reduce the number of the conferences.
• The topic of the group discussion should be more focused.
• To have silence during some meals.
• Information about what to talk in an autocritique and more time for it.

4. We express our gratitude to the INTERPRETERS for their great help: to Sister Gertrude, Dom David Lavich, Sister Josepha and to those among the formators who helped for the translation from Chinese to English and viceversa; we think above all of Mother Goretti, sister Yasunda, Father Paul Kao.

5. We thank also the three co-secretaries: Father Bruno of Guimaras, Father Joseph Chua of Tarrawarra and sister Vera of Matutum.

6. The next Formators Meeting of the whole Oriens Region will be in 2018 in Guimaras but we have still to decide about the topic and the speaker.

A great thanks to our Superiors!


By Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO
Outline of the Conferences:

1. Preliminaries
2. The Wisdom Paradigm
3. The Social Paradigm
4. Obedience in RB
5. Obedience in Aelred of Rievaulx
6. Obedience in Bernard of Clairvaux
7. Humility in Guerric of Igny
8. Humility in Bernard of Clairvaux
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