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As a result of the postponing of the General Chapter to September 2021 the following points are brought to the attention of the members of the Order:

House Reports for the General Chapter: We thank those communities who have already sent their House Reports to the Generalate (these reports will be placed in the file of the community at the Generalate). In this new situation however, it will be necessary for all communities to prepare a report that reflects the reality of 2021 as well as significant elements in the evolution of the community since the last General Chapter. This new House Report should be sent to the Generalate before May 1, 2021.

The Abbot General and members of the Council continue their service until the General Chapter of 2021 (See St. 83.2.A and can. 186, CIC).

Delegates of Fathers Immediate who were appointed following the recommendations of the General Chapter of 2017 continue in office until the General Chapter of September 2021, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

Superiors whose resignations were not accepted at the General Chapter of 2017, or by the Abbot General, and who were to present them at the General Chapter of 2020 remain in office until the General Chapter of 2021 where they will present their resignation (See Can. 186, CIC and Vade Mecum III, footnote 1).

Abbot General and Council

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OSB News


Dom Robert Igo has been elected ninth Abbot of Ampleforth, the largest Benedictine community in the UK.

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On 21 September the Conventual Priory of Prince of Peace at Tigoni (Kenia) was raised to an Abbey, 42 years after its foundation. On 24 of September the monks elected Fr John Baptist Oese Imai OSB, hitherto Conventual Prior, their first abbot, for a period of 12 years.

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Downside Abbey

On 26th August 2020 Fr Nicholas Wetz was elected 13th Abbot of Downside. A day after his election, Abbot Nicholas announced that the Community of St Gregory the Great founded in 1606 in Douai in the Spanish Netherlands had unanimously decided to leave Stratton-on-the-Fosse, their home since 1814. With smaller numbers and changing circumstances, the current monastery buildings are no longer suitable or financially viable.

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OCSO news


On January 7, 2021, the community of Campénéac (France) elected Abbess Mother Soazig Connan for a for a six years term.

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Newsletter formation



On December 08, 2020, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Brother Richard Wasala Brother Elijah Muhindo made solemn profession at the monastery of Victoria (Uganda).

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OCIST news

Advent and Christmas Letter

The Cry and the Consolation

Phuoc Ly

On 31 October 2020, Fr. Vicenzo Liem NGUYEN HONG THANH, was elected new Abbot of the Monastery of Phuoc Ly by the community that gathered under the presidency of the Abbot Principal Jean de La Croix Le Van Doan. http://www.ocist.org/ocist/en/

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