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Monasticism, Education and Formation Symposium: 9-12 June 2020. Call for papers deadline EXTENDED to 30 November 2019.

The Monastic Institute of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo in Rome organizes an International Symposium every four years, dedicated to different themes related to monasticism. After discussing the themes of culture and of economy, this time we propose focusing on education and formation which are the themes partially connected to the previous ones. However, above all, the problems of education are currently very relevant, for various reasons, both in the modern world and in the Church, which dedicated the last Synod of Bishops to youth, and was crowned with the post-synodal exhortation Christus vivit.

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Special news


    Newsletter volume 28. Website.

  • Sant’Anselmo, Rome

    Monasticism, Education and Formation Symposium: 9-12 June 2020. Call for papers deadline EXTENDED to 30 November 2019.

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  • Bulletin 117

    ‘Respect the Seniors, Love the Juniors’

  • Carta Caritatis

    The summary (in English and French) of the proceedings of the symposium on the Carta Caritatis held at the Collège des Bernardins on October 16 and 17 is available on the ARCCIS website.


OSB News


On Thursday, September 5, 2019, Sister Anne-Delphine was elected Prioress for six years of the community of Prailles (France).

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2019 Meeting of the Synod of Abbots President

Abbot Primate Gregory J. Polan, O.S.B. and the Abbots President of the Benedictine Confederation met together from 10-12 September 2019 at the Abbey of Tepeyac, Mexico for their annual Synod.

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San Pietro di Sorres

Dom Luigi Tiana OSB, originally from Cabras, Sardinia (ITALY), has been elected as abbot of the monastery of San Pietro di Sorres in Sardinia.

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OCSO news

La Trappe

Dom Guerric Reitz-Sejotte, Abbot of La Trappe (Diocese of Sées, France) since 2004, presented his resignation to the Abbot General. With the consent of his Council, the Abbot General accepted the resignation which became effective on December 2, 2019.

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The Holy Father has appointed as bishop of the diocese of Ghent, Belgium, the Reverend Father Lode Van Hecke, currently Abbot of the Abbey of Our Lady of Orval, in the diocese of Namur, Belgium.

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Dom Pierre-André Burton, Abbot of Désert and Father Immediate of Viaceli, appointed Father José Ignacio Manzano Fernandez-Heredia, Superior ad nutum of Viaceli (diocese of Santander, Spain). The appointment became effective on November 27, 2019.

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OCIST news

General Chapter of the Order 2020

 We inform you that the next General Chapter of the Order will take place in Rome from 12 October 2020 (date of arrival) to 25 October 2020 (date of departure).

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Secretariat for the Liturgy


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