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Project 6652: Change of the electrical supply of the Monastery

Cistercian Nuns of Parakou, Benin

ParakouThe Étoile Notre-Dame Monastery was founded in 1960 by the Cistercian abbey of Notre-Dame des Gardes (France). In 1991, the community of the Étoile Notre-Dame founded the monastery of Mvanda (DRC), which is now taken over by sisters of the community of Vitorchiano (Italy).

By 2014, the community included forty-three nuns in solemn vows, two temporary professed nuns and three novices.

Activities: Manufacture of yoghurts, jams, syrups, fruit juices and aperitifs, honey, medicinal plants and beauty products, delicatessen, cards, candles, icons...

The association Electricians of the World was founded by two agents of Electricity in France who decided to use their experience and their know-how to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the disadvantaged local populations, in France and internationally.

The Parakou monastery is connected to the unreliable national electricity grid. In 2015, the EDM Team carried out an inventory and proposed solutions to rehabilitate and safeguard the monastery’s power supply.

In July 2018, the EDM association sent two people to Benin to carry out expert assessments following requests from several monastic communities, including Parakou. One of the two generators is to be replaced, it should be transported from France to the monastery.


Requested amount: 2,500 euros













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OSB News

San Pietro di Sorres

Dom Luigi Tiana OSB, originally from Cabras, Sardinia (ITALY), has been elected as abbot of the monastery of San Pietro di Sorres in Sardinia.

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Itapecerica da Serra

On Monday 19 August the community of Itapecerica (Brazil) made a pilgrimage to the National Sanctuary of Aparecida in thanksgiving for the 45 years since their foundation.

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17 July, on the completion of Dame Andrea Savage's 12-year term of office, Dame Anna Brennan was elected the new abbess of our monastery.

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Carta Caritatis

Carta Caritatis Celebration at Las Huelgas


Brother Polycarp, the Prior Administrator of Bamenda Abbey in the English speaking territory of Cameroon, informed us of a difficult situation. The two English speaking sectors of the country have been in “lock-down” down since 26 August. The “lock-down” will continue until 16 September.

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On September 08, 2019, Brother William Chng made solemn profession at the monastery of Vina (USA).

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OCIST news


On the solemnity of the Assumption into Heaven of the Virgin Mary, Sister Marie-Charlotte Girard pronounced her solemn vows at Boulaur Abbey, in the hands of Mother Abbess, Mother Emmanuelle Desjobert.

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On July 18, 2019, the Conventual Chapter of My-Ca Abbey (Vietnam) elected Father Pierre Khoa Nguyen Thai Binh as its new abbot for a period of ten years. OCist